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Nassau County Executive candidate Adam Haber will wage a third-party run if he loses the September Democratic primary, according to New York State Liberal Party Chairman Jack Olchin, who has endorsed the East Hills businessman.

Olchin said Haber promised him during an endorsement interview that he would remain in the county executive race and run on the Liberal line if he does not defeat former County Executive Thomas Suozzi in the primary.

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“He made a pledge to us that he would stay in the race,” Olchin, 90, said in an interview on Friday.

Olchin’s disclosure sets up the possibility of a three-way race on the November ballot between Haber, Suozzi and GOP County Executive Edward Mangano.

Political analysts said a three-way would race would benefit Mangano as Haber would siphon Democratic votes away from Suozzi.

Haber campaign manager Justin Myers declined to adress a third-party run but said the issue is moot.

“We’re going to win the Democratic primary for the same reasons that Adam is running on the Liberal line -- his commitment to fair wages for working people, progressive reforms and protecting every woman's right to make her own health care decisions,” Myers said.

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The Liberal Party still has a ways to go before it gets on the ballot.

The party no longer has an automatic ballot line and would have to collect 1,500 signatures between July 9 and Aug. 13 to appear on the November ballot.