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Hempstead Tax Receiver  Don Clavin said it was a “comical moment” during his tax forum at the Baldwin library Thursday, called to tell residents how to apply for property tax exemptions or challenge their assessments.

When he asked the crowd of about 100, “How many people in this room feel their Nassau County assessment is just right,” one hand shot up, he said.

It belonged to Jim Davis, Nassau’s acting assessor. who lives in Baldwin.

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“Nobody in the audience knew who he was. I didn’t want to tell anybody,” Clavin said. “It was a very funny moment.

Clavin  noted that when he asked how many people thought their assessments were too high, the other 99 hands went up.

However, Clavin said that Davis “is a nice, nice guy. He stuck around afterwards in case anyone had any questions or needed any help.”

Davis could not be reached after the forum.