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Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes may have lost the Democratic primary battle to keep his job but that is not stopping some politicians from trying to convince him to actively campaign on the Republican and Conservative lines, where he already is the candidate.

Brooklyn State Sen. Martin J. Golden, a Republican, told Newsday Monday that he and others were talking to Hynes' advisers in an effort to keep him running against lawyer Kenneth Thompson, who stunned many by beating the 78 year-old incumbent in the primary.

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An analysis of the primary votes found that Democratic turnout was light in areas of south Brooklyn which are considered strongholds for Hynes, said Golden.

 "Low turn out in Brooklyn -- I think people looked at numbers that night and were aghast that they lost in Brooklyn," said Golden.

 While Hynes has reportedly said he won't actively campaign on the Republican and Conservative lines, Golden said the next 24 hours would tell if the veteran prosecutor would reconsider and give conservative Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives a candidate to get behind.

"There has been a groundswell of support," one Hynes supporter said of a general election run by Hynes.

 "He hasn't said yes, he hasn't said no," said one Hynes adviser who doesn't want to be named.

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Golden admits there is uncertainty about whether Hynes can raise enough money to run a credible campaign.

James Freedland, spokesman for Democratic candidate Ken Thompson, said Hynes has spoken to Thompson "and graciously offered a smooth transition, including space in the District Attorney's office in the coming weeks. We will take Mr. Hynes at his word that he will not be running as a Republican in November after a lifetime in the Democratic Party. "


A spokesman for Hynes couldn't be reached late Monday. Hynes was taking a short vacation and is due back on Thursday,  one of his friends said.