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Just for preparation, in case this Weiner-campaign-for-mayor buffoonery is really, truly going to happen:

Listen to how sanctimoniously and condescendingly the disgraced former congressman delivers a sermon on June 7, 2011, to Jonathan Karl on ABC about public responsibilities when asked about his tweets to young women.

"It's outrageous," the since-proven liar lectures Karl as he launches into a convoluted defense.  He mentions how unfair the questions are to his family, how Karl didn't do some research he purportedly should have done. Weiner calls the false issue of his being "hacked" "very important."

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But of course Weiner has changed now since he fessed up — even if he did spend part of Thursday insulting the intelligence of more reporters and the public.

As mayor, of course, he will be telling New York City residents nothing but the truth. We know this because we have his word, and he hasn't been caught repeating a blatant lie over and over since he was 46.