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A lot of after-the-fact political noise over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Superstorm Sandy funding seems to have offered former Nassau executive -- and current Nassau executive candidate -- Thomas Suozzi, a Democrat, a relatively risk-free way to reach across the partisan divide.

Suozzi hailed Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) for slamming Cruz’s status as upcoming featured guest at the state Republicans’ fundraiser. Cruz had been targeted by New York pols for voting against a Sandy relief package. Cruz said he wanted to make sure the funding was for emergency relief and not other things. Since the controversy, it may be fair to note that questions have been raised locally in law-enforcement circles about post-Sandy work contracts.

 “I applaud Congressman King for combating those who attempted to block needed funding for his constituents after Hurricane Sandy,” said Suozzi. “Helping Long Islanders get their lives back on track is not about politics, it’s about government doing what they need to do for hard-working taxpayers. It’s awful for Senator Cruz to attempt to deny relief funding for New Yorkers, then travel here to raise money for his political Party; I praise Peter King for taking a stand.”

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Cruz and some folks in the Cuomo camp, who are high on King’s efforts as well, have been hurling long-distance statements at each other, as Fred Dicker reports here today.

Earlier, Politico here reported Cruz's rebuff of King's criticism.