Irony alert: Primary challenge could help Cuomo coffers

Randy Credico, who in recent years took marginal Randy Credico, who in recent years took marginal shots at running for New York City mayor and New York State senator, has formed a committee to challenge Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. Photo Credit: NYC Campaign Finance Board

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If comedian-activist Randy Credico goes through with his threat to challenge Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in a Democrat primary, Cuomo will benefit handsomely.

Why? Because of the states campaign-finance laws.

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State law limits an individual to contributing no more than $41,100 to a gubernatorial candidate in a general election. But donors can add $19,700 if the candidate has to compete in an intraparty primary.

So if Cuomo has to run in a primary, well-heeled donors can give him $60,800 48 percent more than otherwise. And if there is no primary, Cuomo likely would have to return some contributions made already.

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