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George Hafele, a Democrat who works for Republican Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croce, will be named by his party next week as a town board candidate against the GOP administration for which he works.

Hafele, who was a $70,000-a-year deputy parks commissioner when Philip Nolan was supervisor, hung on when the Republicans took over but took a $20,000 pay cut and now works on issues relating the aftermath of superstorm Sandy for Croce.

Hafele, 62, of Islip, called the race “a terrific opportunity” but he plans to continue working in his town post. “I committed to do my job every day and plan to continue to do it,” he said.

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However, Councilman Steve Flotteron, one of his foes, questioned how Hafele can work for the town and run against town board members.

“If there’s anything we’re not doing I would hope...he would bring it up to me. But I haven’t gotten any e-mails...I hope we don’t hear it out on the campaign trail,” Flotteron said.

Hafele, according to party sources, will be officially named this week when Kevin Faivre, who is now on the party’s town ticket, declines the nomination and returns as a candidate in the 10th district legislative race where he will oppose Legis. Thomas Cilmi (R-Bay Shore).

Hafele is the seventh Democrat to enter the race, where two have dropped out and two others are waging a primary. “If the Democrats can’t decide who to support, how can voters decide?” said Frank Tantone, Islip GOP chair.