Biden's 'oath' at health bill signing

Vice President Joe Biden embraces President Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden embraces President Barack Obama before Obama signed the Affordable Health Care for America Act, Tuesday, in the White House. During the hug Biden is heard on an open microphone telling the president, "Mr. President, this is a big (explicative) deal." (March 23, 2010) Photo Credit: Getty Images

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As Vice President Joe Biden shook President Barack Obama's hand at the podium during the signing ceremony for the historic health care reform legislation, the open mic picked up Biden's salty comments to his boss.

"This is a -- big deal," a beaming Biden apparently told a smiling Obama.

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It's one more example for those who say Biden has foot-in-the-mouth disease (see also the joke about Chief Justice John G. Roberts helping to blow the presidential oath).

Press secretary Robert Gibbs, however, seems to agree with the VP in his Twitter feed.

Click below to see the Biden moment on video. (Warning: Video contains the unfiltered expletive.)  Impressed? You can  buy the T-shirt (Warning, definitely NSFW) here


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