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WASHINGTON - Vice President Joe Biden was urged to run for president Friday in an open letter to Democrats signed by about 50 fundraisers and bundlers, including Jon Cooper, the Long Island businessman and national finance chair of the Draft Biden campaign.

The letter appeared to be aimed at Democrats worried about Clinton, Biden and Clinton herself, since it dismissed her as the best chance for the party to retain the White House.

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The letter cited the achievements of "the Obama-Biden" administration in job creation, lower unemployment, growth in those with health insurance, the end to wars in Iraq and Afganistan, stable financial institutions, clean air and gay and lesbian rights.

"To finish the job, America needs a leader who is responded both home and abroad, and who understands the real challenges facing American families," the letter says.

"In our opinion, the next president must be Joe Biden. If he announces he's running, we're all in. It's a campaign we know he'll win," the letter continues.

While the letter listed 50-plus names, none -- other than Cooper -- matched the Center for Responsive Politics' list of President Barack Obama's top bundlers from New York for his 2012 re-election.

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