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ALBANY — A Long Island state senator is circulating a petition among his colleagues to force a vote on a bill that would terminate the requirement that school districts submit teacher-evaluation plans as a condition of receiving state financial aid.

Sen. Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach), in a letter to other senators, said maintaining the requirement “makes little sense” given that the evaluation system itself has been put on hold for four years.

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Kaminsky is looking to build momentum for the bill after shelving an idea to attach it as a “hostile amendment” to another piece of legislation backed by Republicans in the GOP-led Senate.

The bill is sponsored by a Republican, Sen. Sue Serino (R-Hyde Park), but has been sitting in the Education Committee since it was introduced in May.

GOP spokesman Scott Reif said: “Todd Kaminsky is a hypocrite and a typical politician. In the Assembly, he voted for the teacher evaluation law. Now he’s attempting to use political theater to divert attention from his record. Instead of playing politics in the Senate chamber, he should be focused on working in a productive, bipartisan fashion to serve his constituents.”