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A number of flip and easy lines come to mind from the sentencing of ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, to four years federal time.

How it's a bad year for federal defendants named Bernie.

How he once stood at the GOP convention crying up "four more years" for Bush -- and now gets four years in part for lying to the Bush administration.

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How he once had a jail named after him and now will have a cell assigned to him.

But it is a sad day for the gutsy crimefighter as well as people other than himself: People who'd once been persuaded of his chops as a leader, colleagues charmed by his interpersonal skills,  those encouraged to support him as he protested his innocence, his mentor and longtime friend Rudy Giulliani.

The only question now occurring to some of his old acquaintances is on what model he'll look to reinvent himself in the years ahead: Chuck Colson religious conversion, Gordon Liddy hard-knocks, Ollie North fall-guy-turned pundit.  The choices are many.