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The New York State Bar Association weighed in Wednesday on the candidates for the state’s top court — and declared all but one qualified.

The lawyers group said that Margarita Rosa — current executive director of a Manhattan-based nonprofit organization and the state’s Division of Human Rights commissioner under former Gov. Mario Cuomo from 1990-94 — wasn’t fit for a spot on the Court of Appeals.

The group didn’t explain its reasons; instead it merely announced its ratings. It said the other six nominees were “well qualified:” Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Rolando T. Acosta, Kathy Chin, Eugene Fahey, Jenny Rivera and David A. Schulz.

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Current Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Mario’s son, has until Jan. 15 to make a selection to replace Carmen Ciparick, who has reached mandatory retirement age.

Earlier this week, the NYS Trial Lawyers Association released its ratings. Though it said all seven were competent, it said Abdus-Salaam, Acosta and Fahey were "highly recommended."