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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy just now rapped Rick Lazio for his infamous encroachment on Hillary Rodhman Clinton's personal space during a 2000 U.S. Senate debate, but Lazio apologized for the manuever during a 2008 interview with Newsday.

"At the time, I was making a point about a campaign finance pledge that Mrs. Clinton had made and I didn't feel that it was being honored. I thought that was the opportunity to make the point. On substance, it was right - and on style and perception, it was a mistake, which I regret," Lazio said the night before now-Vice President Joe Biden faced off with Sarah Palin in what became Palin's winkathon

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At the time, Lazio offered this advice to Biden: "Even when your opponent is tough as nails and there's no way that they are going to be intimidated by a challenge or a comment, the audience may not see it that way."