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Now, Barney Keller for Rick Lazio:

“Rick Lazio worked for JP Morgan and has already disclosed his salary. He believes strongly in protecting constitutional safeguards, but Rick Lazio also knows that the right to privacy on basic issues like withholding financial records is overwhelmed by the public’s right to know. Since Rick Lazio has given direct and open answers to Steve Levy’s questions, why won't Steve Levy release the wiretap transcripts of him talking with convicted felons? I know Levy supported Spitzer for Governor last time and because we knew so little about Spitzer we were duped. Levy should let us know that he's no Eliot Spitzer.”

Part of the statement is a response to this one sent out earlier by the Levy camp:

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"What the Lazio campaign is calling for here is an illegality that would compromise hundreds of innocent peoples' right to privacy. As a former prosecutor, he should know that. Additionally, Steve Levy does not have the authority to release the tapes, that would be up to the district attorney."