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For now, it seems, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has moved away from his recent press criticism and largely-ignored demands that the NY Times cease its unfair "psychological warfare" on Gov. David Paterson -- and instead quotes the Times on the Paterson scandal.

That's clear from a new video from the Lazio camp that ties together wrongdoing and allegations thereof by Democrats Alan Hevesi, Paterson, Eliot Spitzer, Charles Rangel and -- surprise of surprises -- Andrew Cuomo.

Elect Republican Lazio, and get "fundamental change," goes the message. The Cuomo part of the Democrat-whack -- its real target, of course -- goes to the latter's role at HUD in 2000, and controversies over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac policies, and his previously-publicized fight with the agency's inspector general.

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This is one of the clips cited in the Lazio video, which is from the Village Voice. The other, from the AP in 2000, leads this way:

"The Department of Housing and Urban Development's inspector general has filed a sexual discrimination and harassment complaint against Secretar Andrew Cuomo and other top agency officials."HUD officials contend Susan Gaffney's complaint is an attempt to distract attention away from an investigation that resulted in several senior officials in her office being suspended for using government computers to obtain sexually explicit materials."



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