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The blog swarm and speculation bubble about Suffolk's Democratic county executive, Steve Levy, joining up with the Republicans to run for governor seems to have run its course to nowhere practical.

Rick Lazio, former LI Congressman, announces that he has 55 percent of the weighted vote in the state Republican committee for the gubernatorial nomination. Specifically he rolled out statements of support from county leaders in Westchester, Rockland, Brooklyn and The Bronx.

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He's previously secured support from Suffolk and Nassau.

Levy would have needed 50 percent at the statewide convention to get the needed Wilson Pakula authorization to run as an outsider on the Republican line. A GOP registrant would need only 25 percent of the vote. In recent days there have been rumblings about Levy's having voted in 2002 for what amounted to a massive election-year giveaway to 1199, the health care union when Levy was in the Assembly.

But that's a rock from a glass house for any Republican to throw at Levy -- since the deal was pushed by Republican Gov. George Pataki and Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno at the time.