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Suffolk Republican chairman John Jay LaValle faced some heckling from the competition as he gave the nominating speech for (ex) Democrat Steve Levy for governor in Day 2 of the GOP state convention at the Sheraton in Manhattan.

“He’s a Democrat!” someone from Lazio’s part of the room declared.

“Don’t let the ways of the past render this party a closed clubhouse,” he said. “He was more conservative than most of our Republican officials from Long Island…”

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LaValle made the pitch that only Levy can win, that even “Prince Andrew” says he will cut taxes and spending.

Then he from the lectern said he’d never seen anyone with a better work ethic than Levy.

“Carl Paladino does,” someone yelled.

“I thought that was the entertainmen,” LaValle shot back.

A mix of boos and cheers followed from the opposing groups of supporters.

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“This is a great convention by the way,” LaValle said. “Compliments to the chairman.”