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The potentially hottest political story of the day is wearing a government cloak.

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But there’s no way not to read some politics into the meeting Wednesday morning in Mineola with three county executives: host Edward Mangano of Nassau and visitors Steve Levy of Suffolk and Rob Astorino of Westchester.

Mangano and Astorino are Republicans who beat incumbent Democrats last year; Levy is a Democrat who has switched his party registration to run for governor as a Republican.

Mangano’s people are explaining that the private morning meeting will be “to discuss regional and statewide issues that affect each county.”

At the news conference that follows, does anyone think that reporters will be asking about “regional and statewide issues that affect each county?”

UPDATE - UPDATE: Levy brushed aside the one question about politics after the government side of the news conference was over.

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The three suburban amigos did say they were going to try to get their respective delegations in the state legislature to meet as a bloc and try to work together for their mutual interest. \[Another bloc in Albany at this point might not improve things in the gridlocked state capital.\]

It was the first public appearance by the three pols, and it might mark a first in American politics: a picture with county executives of three of the top 10 counties in America with the highest property taxes as a percentage of income. \[Nassau, #3 at 8.1% of household income; Suffolk #8 at 7.5% and Westchester #10 at 7.3%. Passaic County N.J. is #1 with 8.4%[

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, American Community Survey, 2006\]