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Oops again.

This was posted by Haberman and Dicker at the Post:

"Steve Levy's questionnaire for the Working Families Party from 2007 showed him supporting positions such as a single-payer (meaning government run) universal health care system, public funding of local elections and a living wage, a critical union issue.

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"The questionnaire, which Levy filled out in advance of receiving the labor-backed party's endorsement that year -- and which The Post obtained portions of -- show him checking off support for issues critical to the group, but at odds with GOP stands on some key issues.

"Under a section on healthcare was the question, "For the long run, do you support a single-payer system of universal, public health insurance?" Levy's response was: "Support."

"On reproductive rights, he said he supported the right of a woman to choose to end her pregnancy and wrote "support" after this question: "Do you support increasing access to all legal reproductive services, including contraception and abortion?"

"Another was this, "Do you support a Clean Money, Clean Elections system providing full public financing of local elections?" Levy wrote: "Support," as he did when asked if he supported a living wage - an issue that helped kill the Kingsbridge Armory development in The Bronx recently.

"Levy acknowledged earlier, after emerging from a meeting with GOP Senate MInority Leader Dean Skelos, that he had erred when he claimed on WNYC yesterday that he never got the WFP nod.

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"Republicans and the WFP have been at opposite ends of the aisle, especially as the WFP has used its line to help the Democrats capture a slim majority in the state Senate over the past year. The Republicans have been in talks about various ways to rival the WFP's pull.