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Steve Levy’s dance with Tea Party activists comes with some risks.

His tough talk on immigration and curbing government spending sits well with the Tea Party, but a handful of those Tea Party people are so outspoken that the association could come back to burn Levy.

At a Town Hall with some of those activists earlier this month, all went well until the session was drawing to a close.

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Then, close to the end [at about 8:28 of this highlights reel] , one man suggested that the 1798 Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions gave the governor of a state — and Levy wants to be governor of NYS — the power to resist any federal law he or she considered unconstitutional, “and you can actively oppose it with force.”

“I’m going to give you a bit of advice back,” Levy replied. “This is a good movement ... born out of frustration. Don’t go over that line.” He cautioned against the use of such “sound-bite” language, which could end up on the evening television news.

“I heard violence,” Levy said of the comment, but several people shouted their disagreement, yelling “Wrong!” and “Totally wrong!” and “No!”