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On Fred Dicker's Albany radio show Friday, Gov. candidate Steve Levy continued his years-long clash with certain Latino lawmakers, saying when asked about incendiary racial comments by Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) and Sen. Majority Leader Pedro Espada's latest legal embroilments:

“Well, we have a tremendous number of race-baiters in Albany, led by Assemb. Peter Rivera (D-Bronx), Assemb. Phil Ramos (D-Central Islip). I’ve been a victim of that...”

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Levy contended the radical had become the mainstream in his former Democratic Party. Ramos last week denounced Levy as “king of the backpedalers” on illegal immigration — after Levy said he and other minority-caucus members purposely distort his positions. Levy complained about Rivera, Ramos and others in the legisaltive minority caucus to ethics committee members, of which nothing public has so far come.

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