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A day after his State of the County address,  Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano visited a number of his departments, meeting and greeting employees and discussing the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good, of course, were the people he put in place,  some of whom were doing the jobs of several people.

“Carl Schroeter, the new director of real estate, has 28 years experience and is doing the job of four people,” said Mangano. “I got rid of the other three executives And that’s an improvement because the four of them were not always talking to each other.”

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The bad were the dozens of empty — sometimes gutted — rooms at 1 West Street, the old county headquarters, and also the outdated, paper record-keeping in the County Attorney’s there.

“We have $7 million worth of leases for property when we have all of this space and the old DSS Building down the street going unused,” he said.

“And the county attorney’s office is the second largest law firm in Nassau, but you wouldn’t want to compare its facilities with numbers one and three,” said Mangano, formerly a lawyer with number one (Rivkin Radler.)

The ugly is the old DSS building, gutted, glass-ridden and full of rat and bird feces that surrounds what was once a beautiful atrium. “I’m thinking we could move the overcrowded Family Court (from Westbury) to this site,” he said, raising an idea that his predecessor once considered.