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Everyone seems to have gotten the memo about the purported vulnerability of incumbents.

In the 9th Senate District, Democrat George Sava seeks to tie opponent Republican Sen. Dean Skelos to troubles on the Long Island Rail Road, given the former majority leader's longtime role on the capital review board and having had some pull at the organization.

In the 6th Senate District,  as noted here yesterday, Democrat David Mejias whacks Sen. Kemp Hannon for allegedly opposing himself by joining with the Tax Revolt line, citing his opponent's longterm incumbency and saying: “Hannon helped double state spending, passed hundred of tax increases onto working families and drained billions of dollars from Nassau County.”

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Of course, this responsible-individually-for-collective-problems ethic runs both ways across the partisan duopoly.

Jack Martins, the GOP Mineola mayor challenging Sen. Craig Johnson, a Democrat first elected in 2007, and in the majority since last year, issues a statement which says in part that Johnson's upcoming "Back to School Supply Drive" -- which may strike you as fairly mom-and-apple pie -- actually marks a "shameless political ploy" designed to make local residents forget that he voted against Long Island's interests when he approved a budget that increased State education aid to New York City while dramatically cutting Long Island's share - - costing local schools, educators and students $10.2 million over the last two years.'When Republicans controlled the State Senate, Long Island traditionally received 14 percent of the State's total school aid increase. Since the New York City-dominated Democrat Conference has taken control of the chamber, Democrats have wired the assistance that once flowed to Long Island to New York City.....'"

Johnson's man Richard Azzopardi counters with a smack at Martins' mayoral incumbency: 

"I guess it is too much to think that Jack Martins would use a portion of that absurd 61 % taxpayer funded payraise he voted himself last year to help kids in need. Of course, if Jack Martins truly cared about that, we would have spared Mineola parents that 31 % increase in property taxes. For the record, as a result of last year's wildly sucessful supply drive, we were able to distribute six laptops, 46 backpacks, more than 20 dictionaries and hundreds of other brand new school supplies to more than 250 students in need."


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