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Dissenters need not apply. Even if they’re Democrats.

That seemed to be the message delivered last week by Larry Schwartz, secretary to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. He blasted Mark Amodeo, a Democrat state Senate candidate, for raising doubts about Cuomo’s property-tax cap, one of the governor’s signature policy victories.

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If Amodeo wants to raise taxes above the 2 percent cap, Schwartz said: “That’s just the wrong message, and we don’t want people coming to Albany if that’s the way they think.’’

Left unsaid: A shot at Amodeo helps Sen. Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo), a key Cuomo ally on same-sex marriage, without the governor having to come right out and endorse a Republican.

(Ed's note: In case the Cuomo-GOP-Senate understandings around the state -- reflected in Newsday's coverage of LI races -- haven't been clear enough, the Times today also does a story on this.)