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From what we're seeing so far Thursday night, the level of intraparty participation by voters may be running low in this rare, not-Tuesday-but-Thursday, state-only primary -- even when compared with the usual paltry levels.

According to unofficial returns posted by Suffolk County, Bridget Fleming beat Jennifer Maertz for the Democratic nomination to oppose GOP Sen. Ken LaValle in November in the 1st S.D.  With all 212 districts tallied, there were 2,571 ballots tabulated in all thus far -- which would represent less than 4 percent of the 64,676 Democrats the state Board of Elections says are registered in the district.

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Same idea in Assemb. Phil Ramos'  win in the Democratic primary against Samuel Gonzalez. With all districts reporting, there were 1,779 votes unofficially tabulated out from the 6th A.D.'s 28,211 Democrats, per the state board. That would represent about a 6 percent turnout.

Results, by the way, seem to have yielded few or no surprises on Long Island, with Michaelle Solages and Joseph Saladino prevailing in Democratic and Republican primaries, respectively. Details of those races are here.

Totals do traditionally tend to rise some as the official canvassing is completed, with write-in ballots, etc.

But still. Single digits? Really?