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It was supposed to be a “mock session” for state Assembly interns, but it turned into a real-life dust-up.

Last Tuesday, interns took the seats of Assembly members and went through the motions of an actual session by acting on various proposals. That is until one real-life assemblywoman still in the chamber with other members became disturbed by their activity.

Assemb. Earlene Hooper (D-Hempstead) became upset at a proposal made by an intern of Assemb. Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan), according to sources. Though accounts vary at the cause, Hooper began “yelling” at the intern, sources said — some other real-life lawmakers also were in the chamber.  At that point, Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms Wayne Jackson told Hooper to leave.

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) hasn’t taken up the issue with Hooper, a spokesman said, adding that Hooper later apologized. Hooper couldn't be reached immediately to comment.