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After a little more than a year in the state Senate, domestic-abuse misdemeanant Hiram Monserrate, an ex-police officer, was voted out of the body tonight.

A key early actor in the effort was first-term Sen. Brian Foley (D-Blue Point) who authored and sponsored the initial resolution. He'd bade Monserrate resign or face expulsion.

The vote was 53-8. More details here.

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Monserrate was one of the Democrats who crossed over to the Republican conference to help carry out that surprise coup against the razor-thin Democratic majority last June. He scrambled back to the Democratic side, tying the membership for a time.

Monserrate is readying a challenge to the vote in federal court, contending that the body did not have the legal authority to expel him.

The outcome of that case could set an important precedent since it's the first expulsion of its kind in generations..

Below is Monserrate's earlier appeal to the Senate.


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