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The head of New York State’s NAACP has called on Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy to pull legal ads from the weekly newspaper that did a “racially motivated” photo spread that “mocked” President Barack Obama and his wife, though he has no role in naming the paper.

In a statement Hazel Dukes, president of the state NAACP conference, called ‘vile” the Smithtown Messenger’s use of a scene in the show “Sanford and Son” to portray the first couple as fighting.

“It is simply shocking and outrageous that such blatantly racist ad would be run in any paper, much less an official newspaper of Suffolk County. New Yorkers of all races and ethnicity are disgusted by it and reject it,” Dukes said in a statement.

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The only problem with Duke’s appeal to Levy, is that he has no role in designating the county’s official newspapers, a responsibility solely of the county legislature.

Officials of the Democratic-controlled county legislature say they intend to drop the paper at Tuesday’s meeting, though Suffolk GOP chairman John Jay LaValle said he will fight the move. Phillip Sciarello, the publisher, said the piece was meant as “satire” and he plans to print a retraction today.

Mark Smith, a Levy spokesman, said the county executive “has not seen the cartoon in question and . . . has no role in designating official county newspapers; the authority is vested solely in the county legislature.”