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An abortion-rights group has launched a series of ads targeting longtime Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City), calling him anti-choice.

NARAL Pro-Choice New York says Hannon, chairman of the Senate Health Committee, helped block a bill that, among other things, would remove abortion from the state penal code. It would also put into state law the right to contraception. Backers say the bill would bring the state “up to date” with Roe v. Wade. Opponents have said it isn’t needed given federal case law and that, among other things, proponents are grandstanding.

NARAL has produced a radio ad and mailed out a series of campaign ads in the Nassau County-based 6th State Senate district. Hannon is facing Democrat Ryan Cronin.

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In its radio ad, NARAL accuses Hannon of “voting against birth control.” NARAL president Andrea Miller said Hannon refused to meet with them to discuss what they call the proposed "Reproductive Health Act."

 “He wouldn’t even have a conversation with us,” Miller said. “So we felt it was really important for us to make that clear to the voters.”

A Republican spokesman fired back.

“This ad misrepresents Senator Hannon's' record, misrepresents his action on legislation, and attempts to focus on a bill which the Democrats didn't even bring to a vote during their two years in the majority,” said GOP spokesman Scott Reif, referring to the 2009-10 session when Democrats controlled the state Senate.

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