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Republicans do very well in the capital budget amendments that will be taken up by the Nassau County Legislature next week.

For example, Legis. John Ciotti (R-North Valley Stream) has four of the 20 or so district-specific projects, although there are 19 legislators.

What happened, according to legislators on both sides of the aisle, is that Democrats packed the capital budget with their items while they had control of the legislature last December, and Republicans pretty much boycotted the process.

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When Republicans, who picked up two seats in the fall election, took power in January, they and the new Republican county executive, Edward Mangano, drafted the changes that put Republican projects in.

The final product, to be considered by committees Wednesday, will have to be agreeable to both parties because Republicans, with 11 of 19 seats, need Democratic support for the 13-vote supermajority required for bonding of capital expenditures.

A leading Democrat, Legis. David Denenberg of Merrick, tells Newsday’s Sid Cassese \[here\] that his Democratic colleagues should have no problem with the changes, as long as their individual projects stay in.