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Greece had nothing to do with it, aides to Nassau Comptroller George Maragos claim.

Maragos conducted a Virtual Town Hall meeting for two hours Monday, and there seemed to be an inordinate lag between the time it took people to post their online questions and the time it took Maragos to respond. A question on the size of the county’s budget gap, for example, was answered seven minutes later.

Maragos aides said any problems were due to the first-time nature of the online chat, and Maragos’ need to be precise in his answers. Nothing about Greece.

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His office then sent a news release proclaiming the event, “A Virtual Success.” Nothing about Greece.

But asked specifically the next day if Maragos had been in Greece, his aides said he had been, and still was.

They said there was no intention to mislead since his Greek location had nothing to do with the slow responses.