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Complaints about Nassau’s wildly unpopular speed cameras in school zones died down after the county legislature ended the program in late 2014, but County Comptroller George Maragos may be revving up the controversy again.

Maragos posted on Twitter and his Facebook page this week that something needs to be done about the many fatal accidents on the Long Island Expressway.

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“Perhaps speed cameras on the LIE?” he asked on Facebook. ‘Perhaps #LIE speed cameras?” he tweeted.

Maragos spokeswoman Carla Hall D’Ambra termed it “an emotional response to this terrible news. Every day in the paper are these deaths that are almost always related to speed.”

Maragos said in a statement, “Something needs to be done to stop the almost weekly accidents on the LIE. Speed enforcement options should be considered, including speed cameras, via a public hearing.”

Really? Speed cameras?

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“There may be other ideas,” Maragos added.