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[see UPDATE at end]

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos had been scheduled to hold a news conference Thursday morning on the impact of national health care reform on localities.

Late Wednesday came the update from Maragos’ office: POSTPONED AT REQUEST OF A U.S. SENATOR.”

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Why the postponement? “We will have answers tomorrow,” an e-mail from Maragos’ office said Wednesday night.

The news conference was supposed to be about how “Contrary to Obama's Health Care Promises, the County's 2011 Health Insurance Premiums set to skyrocket.”

[UPDATE: MANGNO DID IT. Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano released a statement shortly after 4 p.m. reading: "I've requested the press conference be rescheduled, and have invited Senator Schumer and Comptroller Maragos to join me tomorrow in discussing the issue at hand.  We will all continue to partner for the
best interests of our residents."

Schumer' s people confirmed he will be there.]