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Members of Nassau’s Civil Service Employees Association on Thursday voted to approve a proposed new contract that would lift a three-year wage freeze but also calls for workers to give up compounded raises if the union should win a court challenge to the freeze.

CSEA president Jerry Laricchiuta said, “It was a resounding yes. Members are willing to lose tens of thousands of dollars each and lose money going forward. However they want to start moving again so they can have a goal in life and pay their bills and put oil in their tank and put food on the table.”

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He said the county “is going to save money forever on this agreement” because of concessions included in the modified contract, which runs through 2017.

The deal is one of five union pacts intended to lift a freeze imposed by Nassau’s financial control board, the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, in March 2011. The county legislature and NIFA must still approve the CSEA Memorandum of Agreement. A vote was originally planned for Monday but now has been pushed back until at least next week to allow financial analyses of the deals to be completed.

Laricchiuta said the lowest paid full-time member of his union, a messenger, has been frozen at $21,800 for three years. “They should now be well into their $30,000’s by now,” he said. “We’re willing to forego all that” to start getting raises this year.