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Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, a Republican, has struck a deal with minority Democrats on the county legislature that will allow him to shift millions of dollars in the current capital budget, sources said Friday morning.

The sources said the biggest shift in the budget would allow Mangano to add $7 million to upgrade the 911 emergency call center now under construction in New Cassel.

[UPDATE: The deal is done. Capital budget passes the legislature unanimously.]

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Mangano has scheduled an 11 a.m. news conference with Republican Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt and Democratic Minority Leader Diane Yatauro “to announce their collaborative effort to approve 2010 Capital Plan and secure key improvements and projects throughout Nassau County,” his office said in a statement.

Republicans hold an 11-8 edge in the legislature, but Mangano needs Democratic support because bonding capital projects required a supermajority of 13 votes.

Sources said late Thursday that Mangano had wanted the legislature to approve bonding for the entire $166 million in capital spending this year, but Democrats had wanted to hold back funding for about $30 million until later in the year to make sure projects in their district did not languish.

The Democrats had proposed that $20 million in countywide initiatives be held in abeyance, as well as $5 million for projects in Democratics districts and $5 million in Republican districts.

Committees of the legislature had approved all the changes on Wednesday, but Democrats had indicated they would not give final approval at the full legislature, which was scheduled to meet later Friday, unless their objections were dealt with.

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