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Frank Moroney, the Republican executive director of Nassau’s redistricting advisory commission, came back from vacation Monday and said Democrat Bonnie Garone edited the truth out of her Youtube version of the commission’s last meeting, which she posted last week.

Moroney said it was the five Democratic members of the commission who limited public input until the end of the meeting, not him.

“This is a clear effort by cynics to hide the truth from the public,” Moroney said. “Instead of sticking to the truth, they left the truth on the cutting room floor.”

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He said he had proposed 30 minutes of public comment at the start of the meeting followed by more public comment afterwards — similar to the rules of the county legislature.

But Democrats rejected that, he said. “The Garone tag team wanted everyone to speak prior to the meeting. Democrats didn’t want the 30 mintues upfront. They wanted all or nothing.”

He said the video makes it look like he prevented the public from speaking.

“That is an outright lie,” he said. “Bonne Garone should be ashamed of herself for that kind of partisan nonsense. Frankly, the rest of the delegation should sanction her and request that her appointment be revoked.”

Garone responded, “If I were Frank, I’d be embarrased to bring more attention to this story. His words on the video speak for themselves.”

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The initial account and video were posted here.