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A sudden roll call vote Monday in the Nassau County Legislature caught the clerk by surprise.

The presiding officer, Legis. Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa) banged his gavel repeatedly and cut off Legis. Wayne Wink (D-Roslyn) during a discussion about the creation of a new Department of Shared Services.

“You’re out of order!” Schmitt said loudly. “Call the question.” More gaveling. “Let’s have a roll call on this! Mister,” and he stopped in mid-sentence. “Where’s the clerk? Geez.”

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William J. Muller, the clerk of the legislature, hustled up the aisle of the legislature to his seat as Schmitt shook his head. “You can’t make this up,” Schmitt said, his voice lower now.

Muller had his excuse ready. “I do have a weight loss regimen that requires me to drink two liters of water in the morning,” Muller said as he grabbed his papers and leaned into the microphone to call the roll.