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Although County Executive Edward Mangano disbanded Nassau's police motorcycle unit two months ago to save money, he fired it up again this pas Thursday to escort Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to two private GOP fundraisers in Oyster Bay.

First Deputy Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter had said in July when the motorcycle platoon was assigned to highway patrol that its officers would continue to be trained and their bikes tuned up so they could provide safe escort for dignitaries and funerals -- leading some to wonder where the savings came from.

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After the unit was reactivated for Romney’s visit, Krumpter said the department  “provides resources for the president and presidential candidates at the request of the Secret Service. The savings result in the regular assignment to highway patrol.”

But Legis. David Denenberg (D-Merrick) complained, “Apparently all residents of Nassau are entitled to less service but those with political connections are entitled to greater service at everyone’s expense.”