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The five Republican members of Nassau’s redistricting advisory commission are working on a new district map to be presented to the county legislature by Jan. 5, said commission chairman Frank Moroney.

Moroney, a Republican, said he expects the commission’s five Democrats to also put together a plan. “My guess is there will be at least two” maps given to the legislature to consider, he said.

The GOP-controlled legislature does not have to accept either, but can come up with its own map by March 5 for the 19 legislative districts, he said.

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Bonnie Garone, the commission’s lead Democrat, said Moroney’s statement “shows us that the Republicans have no interest in a fair and transparent redistricting process ... It’s all in secret and behind closed doors.”

Moroney said he was “speechless” at her response. “They’ve hired experts to do maps and analysis and we’ve hired experts to do the same thing. What’s the secret?”