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Let’s slow the rush to judgment that the victory of Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown in Massachusetts constitutes some sort of national trend.

The new Republican county executive of Nassau, Edward Mangano, has been in office all of three weeks, and he and his fellow Republicans won office in Nassau just three months ago in a campaign that never invoked the Republican Party.

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That’s right. All the ads, all the literature of Nassau Republicans urged people to Vote Row “B.”

Many Republicans admitted privately that the GOP brand was so tarnished that adding the word “Republican” to a candidacy could only hurt in Nassau.

That was just three months ago. The next general election is 10 months away.

[That picture, by the way, was taken last fall on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown, a GOP stronghold. Republican Town of  Hempstead Superivsor Kate Murray had her re-election headquarters in the nearby shopping center.]