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After four months as Nassau’s Chief Deputy Assessor, Harriet Gotz was one of the 160 appointed employees fired before Republican Ed Mangano took over as county executive on Jan. 1.

But while all the workers being let go were supposed to be notified Dec. 22  of their Dec. 31 termination, Gotz contends  Assessor Ted Jankowski never told her that she was on the termination list. She says she didn’t know she was fired until Dec. 30, when she got an email from the county personnel office, directing her to turn in her blackberry.

“Yes, I am an embittered ex-employee,” Gotz said in an email to Newsday. “Yes I am angry at the shabby way I was treated.” She also complained to Mangano and the county legislature.

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She contends she wasn’t told about her dismissal “because the assessment roll had to be finished in the latter days of December and my efforts were needed.”

Nassau’s new tentative assessment roll took effect Jan. 4.

Asked about her complaints, Jankowski, who hired Gotz, said, “Unfortunately, in the life of an appointed official, changes occur with elections.”

Jankowski declined to make any other comments, saying “It’s a personnel issue. I’m not going to discuss it. I can’t.”

Jankowski  has been asked to stay on as assessor though Mangano has not made the appointment permanent as yet.