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At a planning meeting in Mineola Thursday, a lawyer for Nassau County mentioned to the audience, mostly zoning lawyers, that letters to the office of Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs should henceforth be addressed to the Office of Community Development.

Aides to CE Edward Mangano said later that the agency's name had been changed, and it had been announced on June 17th in a news release about lead-paint removal. The last paragraph of that news release said Mangano had signed an executive order mandating the change in “an effort to better identify the agency with its efforts.”

While Mangano had made that change with the stroke of a pen, he had asked the legislature a few months ago for authority to create a new Department of Shared Services, which will assume the duties of the Office of Purchasing and consolidate accounts-receivables, payroll and other functions under its roof.

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There’s a difference?

“The Department of Shared Services was a name change. However we needed legislation to move additional functions into the department,” a Mangano aide said. “Purchasing was limited to purchasing. Now, Shared Services has other responsibilities and functions.”