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If Rick Lazio had good news to share about a surge in his campaign war chest, he opted not to detail it for state GOP officials Friday.
The state party's regional vice chairs gathered at the Fort Orange Club in Albany to work out procedural details of the upcoming party convention in New York City.
Candidates for the U.S. Senate and governor's races were to check in by phone and in person to update party leaders on their fund-raising progress and discuss their goals for the convention, party spokesman Alex Carey said.
Lazio, who phoned in, "suggested that he's having very successful fund raisers, but I don't believe he declared any sum," said another person who was there.
Lazio's weak fund raising -- he had less than $700,000 on hand in January -- was a primary reason most of these senior party officials courted Suffolk's then-Democratic County Executive Steve Levy and his $4.1 million campaign fund. Neither candidate has to disclose another campaign tally again until mid-July - a month after the convention.
No rules changes were proposed at the meeting, despite rampant speculation that Chairman Ed Cox would try to engineer a new mechanism by which Levy could get on the primary ballot without the support of more than 50 percent of the party's weighted vote, as he now needs.