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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be considered a 'nanny state'  advocate  for such efforts as restricting soda-cup sizes. But a group of health professionals say his decision to go on with the NY Marathon poses a compromise to public health.

In an open letter, the NYS Nurses Association states: "Every year the Marathon leads to injuries and Emergency Room visits. Our ERs do not need that influx of patients right now."

It continues, in part:

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"With thousands of beds closed and nurses and other caregivers working nonstop for days, our healthcare delivery system is severely strained.

"At a time like this, we need to re-direct our city’s resources to the recovery - to restore power and get Bellevue and the other closed hospitals up and running again, to fix the damage on Staten Island, and to help all those injured by this storm.

"There will be plenty of time later in the year to hold the Marathon. Now is not the time.

The full text is here.