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A new book talks about how Eliot Spitzer had three hookers in a day, and how one of his hired women admired his work and read a biography. It also suggests a paranoid fit about some of the coverage of Troopergate and hostilities with the man who, Lloyd Constantine already wrote, he really didn't want to succeed him as AG, Andrew Cuomo (who wins if you judge a man by his quasi-enemies).

Pursuant to Spitzer's silly vow that the day he took office everything would change, we are coming to an end of the state Capitol's most farcical and colorful four-year governor term in memory. Maybe a political comeback for Spitzer would be like a revival of 'Spamalot'.

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Reported friction between the state and national GOP was the frame for a meeting between national chairman Steele and state chairman Cox. An account is here.

Assemb. Harvey Weisenberg (D-Long Beach) files an op-ed piece stating municipalities ought to be able to put deposits in credit unions.