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After he watched the swearing in of about 650 new NYPD recruits at Queens College, Police Commissioner William Bratton told them he that if Mayor Bill de Blasio could practice Spanish that he was practicing changing his distinctive Boston accent to something more New Yorkese.

"I can see it [an accent] pretty good," said Bratton. "I can detect Staten Island from Queens and New York."

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By the latter he is obviously referring to Manhattan, where he liked the night life in his first go around as commissioner under Rudy Giuliani.

So what is Bratton doing to sound like a New Yorker? Is he taking private tutorials from actor Joe Pesce or endlessly watching "The Godfather" films?

Well, Bratton demurred and wouldn't say, defending his Boston patois.

"Why would I want to lose this Boston accent?," said Bratton with a grin. "I just have to sit in my Dad's kitchen for a couple of hours and it all comes rushing back."

"Fortunately you are so used to different accents in this city, you kind of like this particular one --so I am told," he remarked.