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Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought out Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to run to succeed him, as the Times reports. A few months ago, when rumors of his desire to see her run were spreading, it was hard if not impossible to find anyone who considered the Clinton-for-mayor idea plausible.

It still is not  plausible, as the story suggests.

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Bloomberg may just be sending the message that none of the candidates now running measures up to his standards. Yet  there are certainly other public officials around who have the inclination and ability to follow through on some of the things Bloomberg has done in the past few years — fix the term limit law to stretch out his incumbency, oversee the loss of millions in a computer payroll contract, appoint a failed schools chancellor based on social acquaintance, promise to proceed with a marathon race while city resources were strained in the aftermath of a historic storm, alienate the youth of a community or two through arbitrary stop-and-frisk practices, raise fees at recreation facilities enough to actually lose money for the city as citizens shunned renewals, and lots else.

Yes, it could be done by others.