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If the state ever joined most of the nation in establishing a trustee board to oversee the pension system, the big Civil Service Employees Association would undoubtedly be represented on it.

Steve Madarasz, spokesman for the CSEA, told us earlier that the organization has "no issue" with the "smoothing legislation" that would put payments from the state and municipalities on "an even keel."

"It's completely responsible and appropriate. It's helping you smooth out the costs."

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As it stands now, the sole trustee is Democratic Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

CSEA has endorsed him for election in November.

As explained by a staffer for Sen. Diane Savino, civil service committee chair, the funding demanded by actuaries for the state ERS and the fire-police systems follows different percentages of the overall payroll costs of each government employer involved.

For ERS, the amount that could be amortized would be set at above 9.5 percent, and for police and fire, it would be the amount above 17.5 percent.