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Gov. David Paterson didn’t miss the opportunity on national television last night to take a swipe at his presumed Democratic primary rival Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Paterson told CNN talk show host Larry King that he wasn’t expecting Cuomo’s help in refuting speculation of a New York Times profile of Paterson that focuses on alleged personal misconduct.

“No, he hasn’t said much about anything in the last year,” Paterson said, referring to Cuomo. “That’s the new political strategy in America. You sit back and let everyone else fight the real serious problems and sail in, perhaps if it’s permissible, and get elected.”

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King, later in the program, got in his own dig. King noted there were no sex scandals when Cuomo’s father, Mario, lived in the Executive Mansion.

King: “Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign. What’s with this office and sex allegations? Part of the New York governor? Never heard about Mario. ..