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Now it's as complete a Nassau Democratic trifecta as you might find at, say, Belmont.

Jay Jacobs, the state and Nassau Democratic chairman, issued a statement, reacting to GOP state Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson's threat to sue for defamation if ex-Nassau Assemb. Tom DiNapoli, the current comptroller, or DiNapoli's home legislator, Sen. Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington), keep up their "nonsense" about his supposedly supporting investments in Iran.

Jacobs' new barb:

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"First, Hedge Fund Harry Wilson says we shouldn't consider human rights when making investments, without thinking through what that would actually mean.

"Then, he flip-flops -- and claims libel! -- when he’s called on the carpet for his dangerously shortsighted approach. Wilson's current backpedalling brings new meaning to the word 'hedge.'

"We need a comptroller who doesn't need to be pressed before realizing that there's no gray area on investing in Iran. And for what it's worth, his libel case is as much of a non-starter as his campaign."